Junk an Automobile in Buffalo

We are the #1 rated company when looking for the best place for junking a car in the city of Buffalo. Did you know that Buffalo, New York has been rated as one of the safest cities in which to raise children? As such, parents will have many memories in the city of Buffalo to recall when their children get older.

Children are amazing. From the moment they’re born, they grab the hearts of their parents. From the moment mom and dad lay eyes on them, they are wrapped around their children’s fingers until they’re older—and then, they are still hooked! The most exciting thing about children is watching them grow. It’s amazing to see their physical changes, how they grow hair, teeth, get taller, learn to walk, ride a bicycle with training wheels, remove the training wheels, etc. Life with children is an adventurous journey that, when completed, is demanded all over again.

We love adventures; and we want to live life with you and your children and share in the adventure. We wanna be the first place your children come to when they are ready to turn in their first clanky car and put the money towards a new one!

Junk A Car Buffalo

But when they turn in the keys and decide to junk the vehicle, we want to be there for that. For some of you, your children have already been thrilled by their first car and are ready for a first brand new car. In your case, you’re coming to see us because you’re ready to get some financial return on a car you’ve invested years of maintenance into.

If you are in this boat, we’re more than happy to be of service. The first thing you and your teenage or adult son or daughter must do when junking a car is to remove all personal possessions from it. Valuables such as cell phone chargers, CDs, cassette tapes, and other valuables, as well as your jumper cables, antifreeze, gasoline canisters, windshield scrapers, and old trash bags from your car. Whatever you leave in the vehicle when turned in becomes the property of the towing company. It would be a shame to leave your valuables in the car, then get money for the vehicle, only to turn around and have to re-buy the stuff you lost!

Next, you should turn in the car’s registration: the car license tag goes to the Division of Motor Vehicles nearest you and the car title goes to the towing company. Did you know that we can tow your car for you? It might seem hard to believe, but we also have the ability to tow your car out of your yard and onto our property. We have started to do this in an effort to make junking a car easy for our customers. It is crazy to have one company tow your vehicle and another pay your for junking your car with them, when you can kill two birds with one stone and have one company do all of it! We tow our customers’ cars free of charge because we value your service—and without you, there is no us!

If you’re ever in the looking to junk your vehicle in the Buffalo, New York area, and you need your car towed to a scrap car company, come see us. We think of your car as precious memorabilia with which you and your children have shared both good and bad times. We want the time you and your child spend junking the car to be just as memorable. Call us now for your free quote, we have buyers standing by the phones right now.