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If you choose us to use as a junk car removal Buffalo business, then you’re in luck because we make the process super simple to obtain cash for your car. We receive many questions pertaining to how the entire process works, and it’s so simple you’ll swear it can’t be legit. That’s the beauty of this though! It is legit! The following is a step by step process of how the entire thing works.

junk car removal in Buffalo

1. If you have a junk car, truck, van or SUV you want to get rid of fast and get paid cash for it now then call us to get a quote! 716-418-7899

2. One of our car buyers will answer the phone, you’ll get asked a few questions about the vehicle so we can determine how much we can pay you for the vehicle. It only takes a minute.

3. If you agree to the amount that we offer, then you will give our car buyer the information needed for pickup. Which then our car buyer will put the information into the computer, and one of our tow drivers will be giving you a call shortly after that to set up a day and time that best fits your schedule.

4. Our tow driver will show up at the time you both agreed (we’re pretty good about that). Our tow driver will have you sign a couple papers, and then hand you over the cash, hook up the vehicle and tow it away! The whole thing takes about 15 minutes.

At max, you’ll spend a total talking time of maybe 20 minutes with us on the phone + the tow driver. Not a bad 20 minutes worth of time spent to get a big wad of cash!

Call Us Today To Get A Free Quote! 716-418-7899

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