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If you are in the market to get cash for your vehicle, then take a look at this list. Getting top cash for your scrap vehicle can be a very confusing and difficult adventure. We do everything we can to get make the right connections, with the top companies all over the USA. That way we can offer our customers the best and most trusted resources. Thank you for checking us out, and please continue to come/ or refer us to your friends every time anyone is in need of selling their car. We really really REALLY appreciate every single one of our customers, and do everything in our power to make sure that they have an extremely awesome car selling experience.

There are a lot of things that you can accomplish in an hour.  You can wash your clothes, of course drying your clothes takes another hour. You can clean your room and/or house, you can wax your legs.  Point is there are so many things that you can finish in an hour or less.  How would you like to junk that scrap vehicle you have sitting on your property? I know I would if I had a vehicle that I wanted gone.  Well you are in luck, once you have called us you will be an hour away from having our dispatch contact you to set you up with a pick up.

There are only a couple of things that you need to make a deal happen with us and get your car scrapped for money.  Usually we can always pick up the same day and we fill up very quickly, because people trust us and use us as their number one source to junk their vehicles.

Some of the items you will need before contacting us is your title and your ID.  We like to be sure that you are dealing with an honest company.  This industry is so full of snakes you have no idea.  We need to make sure that your title and ID match so we can be sure that you are the legit owner.  There are some companies out there that don’t care if you own it or not because they are just going to crush the vehicle and this technique has no trace.  Once it is smashed, game over.

There are a lot of car companies that will try to take advantage of you; it happens all the time.  We are here to inform our customers of the dangers of dealing in this type of business.  This is no small matter.

What other companies do is they will give you a nice quote over the phone, but they do that to get you to quit calling around.  Once they show up they will tell you that your missing some parts, or that some of your parts are aftermarket.  The reason they do this is because it works.  Don’t fall for these fraudulent companies.

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