Remove your Junk Vehicle in Buffalo


If your looking for a company to remove your car in Buffalo you have come to the right place. Buffalo, New York has, like most cities in America, marks of distinction. There are things about the city of Buffalo that make the city unique, as opposed to other cities like Chicago, Miami, Seattle, and so forth. One of the things that make the city stand out is the long late night shift for workers. Buffalo is one of only a few cities in the United States that extends its closing hour to 4 am. Most cities in the country close their bars, coffeehouses, and restaurants no later than 2am. There are reasons why Buffalo does this, but the late shift shows one thing: residents of the city of Buffalo are willing to work hard—and do just that.

Remove Junk Car Buffalo

Get your Junk Vehicle Removed in Buffalo


We echo the hard work ethic of Buffalo residents. Like you, we too, believe in “an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” We work long and hard hours to be available when our residents need to buy or sell a junk vehicle. We are also available when our residents need us to remove a junk automobile from their properties.


How do we work hard to remove your car? First, you contact us about selling us your car. Next, we ask you some information about the car, information about the make and model, condition, what’s wrong with the car, and so forth, to get a good idea of what kind of car we will appraise. Once we take down all the needed info, we then appraise the car based on the supplied information and set a price we’re willing to pay you for your car. If you agree to the price we set, we then send over one of our own towing crew to remove your vehicle at a date and time you set. Even if you want us to come when you’re not there, we will be more than glad to come and remove your junk vehicle and save you the worry and hassle. Our towing crew will come, remove your car, and place cash in your hands without requiring that you pay any hidden towing fees. It’s the greatest feeling in the world when someone can come take the burden of a car off of your hands and place some good cash in it, cash that you can spend on anything you want!


We are committed to helping our residents keep the streets of Buffalo clean and placing money into our residents’ hands. We realize that you have life to live, and that a car shouldn’t hold you back from living life to your fullest potential. Although we are only a car service, we are pleased to be there for you in any way we can be to make your life a little sweeter. If you need to get a car out of your life, give us a call today and we will get you taken care of.